Promotion Propaganda


Dr. Ed Caudill discussed a book on the topic of media and what it should reflect for an audience.

Dr. Ed Caudill and author Brooke Gladstone have worked together to promote their viewpoints and one another’s. Both agree on certain aspects of today’s media, Caudill says of Gladstone, “ offers the most engaging and insightful critique of modern media since Walter Lippmann.”

In this book discussion Dr. Caudill addresses how both he and Brooke Gladstone perceive would be the best way to become an informed citizen. As Caudill said, “ Are we born stupid or do we become stupid.” There is a mass population that is led by the media and swayed very easily in different directions. When Dr. Caudill was asked what the best source of information would be, for instance the Knoxville news sentinel or CNN, he said you best option is to have a wide range of sources with good information.


Another key point of the talk was inspecting sources of information. Caudill addressed the fact that people need good sources, not just sources. The Knoxville News Sentinel was discussed, that much of their news came from police reports. This could lead an audience to believe there is more crime to fear in the world than there actually is. Caudill addresses this phenomenon of visual bias and how the media needs to reflect the values of their audience. There is an ethical obligation for any reporter to cover every story possible. Dr. Ed Caudill wrote a book recently, Intelligently Designed, which discusses the debate between creationists and evolutionists. Now if a reporter were to appear at one of theses debates and collect data from different individuals, each person interviewed should be given representation. Screening interviewees is a form of bias and excluding stories excludes part of the audience for a news network. The job of any news program is not to tell the story that is right, but to cover the entirety of a story and give everyone representation.


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