Football flips on end

College football is completely changing from what we once knew. This year there will be a completely new trophy for the national champions and a new playoff style. For years the crystal ball of football was celebrated as a trophy unlike any other sport of the NCAA.


Any college football fan is probably happy there will be a playoff system now instead of some program deciding who the two teams would be that play for the national championship. The champion will be decided on the field by a series of playoffs similar to the NFL. Any fan would be happy for more competition, but everyone will miss the iconic crystal ball. Fox Sports is calling it a championship trophy instead of the BCS trophy. When the CFB, revealed on their official twitter page a picture of the new trophy they attached a quote, “ A new era, a new trophy”(Fox Sports).


The new trophy will stand two feet tall made of 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel. There will be four laces on the football-shaped trophy iconic of the four teams that will compete in the new playoffs this season. The trophy weighs 35 pounds, and will have a thirty-pound base to be hoisted from. Pictures have been taken with this new trophy but Bill Hancock director of the College Football Playoff said that the first hoisting would be reserved for the national champions on Jan. 12 in Arlington, Texas.


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